Trivia Night


  • Entry is $5 USD per player
  • Requirements:

  • Paper and something to use to write
  • Rules:

  • No devices
  • Five rounds
  • Ten questions per round
  • One minute for each question
  • Questions are based upon topics of both popular culture and high school level education
  • Teams may consist of either one or two players
  • Responses must be recorded silently upon paper
  • Scores will be tallied in between each round
  • Payout:
    The store keeps 20 percent of all entries and the remaining 80 percent is paid out to the top three players in cash as indicated below. For example, 20 players at $5 per entry is $100. Eighty ($80) dollars will be split as $40, $24 and $16 for each place, respectively:

  • First Place: 50%
  • Second Place: 30%
  • Third Place: 20%