Order, Price, Return & Trade-In Policies

This website and its associated websites serve as reference tools. No money is collected through the websites and placing an order through the websites provide no guarantees, nor does it signify a completed purchase being made with the store.

Order Policy

• We do NOT ship any products!
• We cannot guarantee that all items listed upon the website are currently in stock. Anyone who submits an online order for an out of stock item will be informed of the item’s status.
• All online orders must be paid and picked up in-store within 72 hours, else they will be cancelled and refunded (if available).
• All pre-orders must be paid and picked up in-store within 72 hours of release, else they may be cancelled and refunded.
• Product holds must be made in-store and can only last one (1) week. A hold may be renewed in-person, however after the first week other sale inquiries may be considered.

Price Policy

• We reserve the right to price separately from MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price).
• Pre-Order prices are subject to change prior to the item’s release.

Return Policy

• All returns must include the original receipt.
• Pre-owned items must be returned within seven (7) days of purchase and in its original condition for a full refund.
• New items must still be sealed and returned within thirty (30) of purchase days for a full refund.
• Partial and store credit refunds may only be issued in rare cases pending management approval.

Trade-In Policy

• All trade-ins must be of items in near mint condition. Exceptions may be made for rare items pending management approval.
• We will only accept trade-ins of functional video game items that are no longer part of the current generation cycle.
• The ability for the store to acquire items is wholly dependent upon whom is on staff at the time of inquiry.
• Trade-ins are most likely to be successful on days in which events for related games are occurring.
• Trade-ins may be reversed only as long as the original item remains in inventory and pending management approval.
• It is encouraged that those interested in trading-in items to first contact the store via social media or telephone prior to visiting.
• We will NEVER knowingly buy any broken, counterfeit, fake, forged or pirated items.